Covid-19 has affected us all in different ways and, while we can’t accurately predict what the new normal will look like, what’s certain is that work-life balance will be of much greater importance.

The pandemic has given us new perspectives on what’s important, or what should be important, in our personal and professional lives.

Research finds that, after an attractive salary and long-term job security, most people see good work-life balance as an important attribute in gauging the attractiveness of an organisation.

That’s why, as the world begins to return to a new normal – whatever that normal will be – we will all have to reassess our own work-life balances.

In that post-Covid world, many of us will continue to work from home, at least part of the time.  But it should also be about looking at our skills, and determining how best we can build a better work-life balance for the future.

At Creating Writers, we might be able to help because our mission is to help you become a better writer – whether that’s for work or pleasure.  You might want to write a novel, or simply create better engagement for work-related social media.


Our role is to give you the confidence and skills to do either, or both.  Creating Writers is all about giving you confidence and an understanding of how to write right.  It’s also an additional skill to carry into the new normal.

We offer a Diploma Course in Creative Writing – the perfect course for anyone who dreams of writing a book but doesn’t know where to start.  Or if that’s too daunting, an introductory course in creative writing.

But we also offer a short introductory course in writing for the media,  because more and more of us are having to create content in our everyday working lives.  It might not be for a magazine or newspaper, but a blog post – even a marketing or research report for your boss.

We don’t offer off-the-peg courses.  We do offer one-to-one courses that are little different to those from a bricks-and-morter college.  Except that you can fit a course with us around your other commitments.

We’ll teach you how to write persuasively, with the right structure and messages. That could, maybe, help your career prospects by giving an extra dimension to your skillset.

Confidence and new skills will be fundamental to working in the new normal.   So, why not add writing skills to your armoury?  Who knows, it might have an impact on your work-life balance.